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Ancient Greece and Greek Myths

Some ideas for planning Ancient Greece or Greek Myths

 Ancient Greece and Greek Myths 

The children developed a passion for the Greek Myths from listening to Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan as an audio. They became fascinated in all the gods and goddesses and wanted to go to the library to get some books out about them. Below is a plan of the natural route that my children took. This is here as a guide, something to dip in or out of, depending on the level of interest and ability of your child.



Curriculum area

The children love listening to audios in the background whilst playing, travelling in the car or before bed.

Audios enhance knowledge of subjects, create a calm environment and encourage a range of vocabulary.


Went to the library to do some research

The children wanted to know more about Gods and Goddesses and Ancient Greece

Reading, research skills

Planned an Ancient Greek day to incorporate food, costumes and set design

To experience what it might have been like and what food they might have eaten

Planning, writing a list in bullet points

Designed and made Greek God and Goddess costumes, in this case it was a no sew technique, cutting and using safety pins to assemble

So they could feel as though they were Gods and Goddesses

Design and Technology, design costume and make

Set design for Ancient Greece, they wanted the room to have a backdrop landscape of Athens and use cushions to lay on to eat their food

To create the backdrop for the feast to look like we were really in Athens and to feel what it is like to eat in a laying position

Research, art – painting

Wrote Greek labels for food

To see how different the Greek Alphabet is

Writing, History

Found key words within the English language that have derived from the Greek language

To understand how the English language evolved

English reading and writing

Where is Greece in comparison to where we live

To know where countries are in relation to your own country and where they are in the world, which continent they are in and what sea they are next to

Geography, location knowledge/mapping skills and place knowledge

How far away is Greece and plan how you would get to Greece today

Gives a sense of how far it is and what transport you would use

Geography map skills, measurement distance

What is the climate like and why is that? We packed a suitcase full of the things we would need for a week in Athens

To be able to compare the climate in comparison to our climate in the UK or other parts of the world

Geography, human and physical, measurement temperature

Looked at Ancient Greek Elections (tied in with our local elections)

Understand where democracy started

English writing and speaking

Researched other local politicians and then wrote down what we would do if we were going for election

To consider what is important to us and plan a poster/flier and speech to share our views with others

PSHE, English writing bullet points, English speaking

Set up our own Ancient Greek Olympics

History of where the Olympics came from


Differences between the modern and ancient Olympics

How things have changed over time

History, PE