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Business studies biscuits project

Kids love biscuits and this turned out to be a great topic as it ended up as a mini project involving heaps of business skills.

Biscuit Project

The kids were pretty curious when we were shopping as to why the biscuits had so many different prices. We bought some different packets to explore the ingredients and decided to do a taste survey and that is when the project unfolded. I have included my planning below for you to dip in to if it might be something your children enjoy. This is the order we did it in but you can do it in any order. And you can expand on areas, add or omit depending on your child’s interest and ability.

What we did


Curriculum covered 

Buy a few packs of different biscuits

To explore the ingredients

Writing ingredients in a list, using commas to separate them

Biscuit analysis (product research)

To see how each biscuit compared against our criteria, taste, crunch, value for money, looks

Creating tables and maths addition through scoring (you can make the scoring out of 5, 10 or 100)

Brainstormed what we would need to do in order to set up our own biscuits business

To understand how to set up a business to sell a product

List things and then order them as to which would come first

A Facebook poll to see which biscuit people preferred (customer research)

To see what customers want

Computing setting up the poll and writing adding words, maths statistics, use information to create graphs

Tasted some different fillings 

To be able to know what fillings taste like and be able to design our own

Design and Technology evaluate and cooking, maths measure

Researched biscuit manufacturing on YouTube how it is made

Designed our own biscuits, we did two versions (product design)

To be able to plan making our biscuits

Design and Technology, design

and writing/diagram and labelling

Made our test batch of each biscuit

To check whether the design and taste works 

Design and Technology cooking and evaluating, maths measure

Tested our two biscuit designs with other people (customer research) using the same scoring chart as we used for our biscuit analysis

To gather more customer feedback before making a final decision

Speaking and listening, communicating, creating tables and maths addition through scoring (you can make the scoring out of 5, 10 or 100)

Fine tuned our designs

To plan to make our final version

Design and Technology evaluate

Looked at biscuit packaging in relation to what it is made from

To consider whether recycled packaging is possible or helpful

Design and Technology research, speaking and listening

Looked at biscuit packaging and created a list of what we need on it

To have all relevant information on our biscuits

Writing lists or bullet points, dictionary work looking up what words mean

Look at the shape of packaging

To work out what net shape will work best

Maths geometry, 3D shapes, measurements, nets

Designed our packaging

Using all information gathered to create exciting, eye catching packaging

Could be done free hand (writing) or on computer (computer skills, font size, text, colour)

Research other product names and straplines

To spark ideas for our own name for our biscuits

Used google adverts of biscuits to get some ideas, computer skills

Created a name and strapline

To create a catchy name that will help people remember your product and buy it again 

Writing skills, alliteration, rhyming words, speaking and listening to each others ideas

Created a bar code

To show how everything is electronically tagged and how this can help trace food according to its batch and show you what is in the product via what the numbers mean

Researched on google and copied and pasted a bar code image, could also be made on a computer or make one freehand in maths focusing on accurate measure and/or line thickness

Created customer service information

To help children understand that if you make and sell something you are responsible for the product being what it says it is

Writing our address or making up an address, upper and lower case letters

Created an ingredient list in order of most ingredient first

To help children understand how to read ingredients on packets

Writing ingredients in a list using a comma

Created nutritional information

To show customers how much of each food group there is

Computer writing, we googled and used a recipe converter, we then copied and pasted the results, maths measure and conversions of measure

Looked at what each food group represents

To help children understand the importance of a balanced diet

Computer skills googled what each food group or book research

Research and list what is needed in a biscuit advert

To understand what is needed in a short video to be able to sell a product

Write bullet points, brainstorm, speaking and listening

Plan and create your own advert in 30 seconds

Be able to sell your product in 30 seconds

Computer skills using video record, if editing and taking it further using software like iMovie to edit and even create your own YouTube channel if age appropriate

Research methods of selling the biscuits, from at the local food market to in the shops

To understand how companies sell things

Write lists of ways people sell, computer skills instagram, Facebook, YouTube, maths cost of advertising, fliers

Worked out the price of our biscuits based on the ingredients used and the time it took them and advertising

To help children appreciate that better ingredients will cost more and to plan in cost for their time

Maths measurement converting, multiple, divide, addition and subtraction