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Collecting learning evidence

How do you collate all of your child's learning?

The amount of evidence you have captured will depend on the amount of time you have been homeschooling. How do you collate it?

It was only after about 3 months of homeschooling that I realised I had over 100 photos of things they had done as well as many bits of paper. I was feeling tense about what do you do with it? I tried having files and boxes – this was fine for bits of paper but not for all the photos/videos. I then started taking photos/videos of everything they did on paper and stopped filing but within 6 weeks felt slightly nervous that I couldn’t easily go back to something and find it, even compare where my child was to what they are like now.

This is where the Collage app was born, an app that enables me to file things securely, in subjects and to be able to reflect on my children’s learning at any time.

Back in the day, kids had to write everything down to evidence that they had learnt something, which is still largely true of schools, but you can record things they do in other ways than what they have written. You can photograph things they do, take videos of things they tell you, act out or do and you can save or take screenshots of things they do online. All of which you can save in little files or using something like the Collage-app.

Why do you need to collect it? Well, if you register with the Local Authority they will want to see evidence of children’s progress but more importantly it is for you and your children. My children love looking back at what they have done. It is a really good exercise for them to be able to reflect on how much progress they have made, to talk about the journey and recognise what hurdles they overcame or how many steps they took to get there. It is also a really lovely keepsake. It is better than an end of year school report as it is generally more rich and colourful!