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Create Change in Education

A real time of change -the education system is no longer fit to support the future of our children. In this article I explore some useful resources that we can use to make change.

There are huge concerns about the current education system. Not just from professionals and educators but from parents too, who have, through lockdown, had an insight into what their children are being taught. It is the perfect time to make some much needed changes – listening to the voices of educators, researchers, parents and young people, alongside our growing knowledge about what the future world of work will look like. The world is rapidly changing through technological advances and globalisation, we need to strip the system back to allow young people the chance to grasp some of the skills that they are going to be needing in the future. Jobs are going to look very different for the class of 2030 but the curriculum doesn’t look that different now to how it did a hundred years ago. We need to ask ourselves if we are setting them up to fail through an education system where the historic driving forces have narrowed further around data and teaching to test…

In the linked articles below by Kathryn Pratt and Dr Caroline Palmer you will find some great insights and things that you can do; from telling your children that they are incredible and they are not falling behind to writing to your MP, they have even included a draft letter!

You may also want to do some deeper reading around the issues suggested and find the book, ‘Inadequate‘, written by Priya Lakhani a fascinating read.


Articles by Kathryn Pratt & Dr Caroline Palmer

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Book by Priya Lakhani Inadequate: The System Failing Our Teachers and Your Children