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Reflecting on learning

Why do I need to reflect on my child's learning?

The best thing really is being able to see the progress they make. It feel so good, I guess it gives purpose to what you are doing!

I told my daughter the other day that if she needed anything for her learning just to add it to my blackboard shopping list. Later that day I saw she had written ‘dogs and toys!’ (with the explanation mark) on there. I thought to myself, ‘she gets how to use punctuation, she also has a great sense of humour’! I was able to record this with a photo and load it up on Collage under English writing. I was also able to see that just a year ago she was an emergent writer, just starting to copy and write some letters. It is that kind of thing that reassures you as a homeschool parent, that you are doing the right thing, that they are making progress.

If you are using the National Curriculum then the Collage-app is perfect for displaying what they have covered and what is left to learn. There is a report function that does that for you.