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Reflecting on your method of homeschooling

Sometimes you get so far with homeschooling and you hit a barrier, something doesn't feel right or seems to not work. This article is designed to help you get past that point.

If you have been going along with homeschooling but have had that gut feeling that something is not quite right, then stop and allow yourself some time to reflect on what you are doing and why. The process below may help you work through what is going on:

  1. List what is working well for you and your children at the moment. Then list what you feel is not working well, it is helpful to ask your child and anyone else involved these questions too.
  2. Celebrate what is working well, share and discuss how wonderful they are.
  3. Take some time to do reading, the following articles are useful but not exhaustive

4. Visualise your child/ren when they are at the end of the schooling period as you see it. What do they look like? What kind of things are they saying and doing? List down all the things that come into your mind. You can then ask your child what they would like to know or be able to do by a certain age. This will probably give you a list of characteristics/skills that your child will have in order to live an independent/happy/healthy lifestyle

5. Download an overview of the National Curriculum objectives. It is helpful to print it and then scribble out all the aspects that you don’t think are useful to get your child to where you and they would like to get to. This will help you shape what kind of method of homeschooling you want to take if any and will help you to have a sense of focus. Remember whatever you decide is ok and is personal to you and your family. You can dip in and out of things, you can decide to whole heartedly take a specific approach and then a few months/years later totally change your mind. That is the beauty of homeschooling, it is an ever changing pathway, constantly reflecting on the development and interests of your child.