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With the planned government changes to homeschooling in England Collage is a simple and easy way to collect and capture your child’s progress through pictures, videos, documents or notes.

It chronologically tracks achievements against the UK National Curriculum, all at your child’s own pace. If you are unschooling or using a different curriculum, you can even create your own subjects. Creating a CV of your child’s learning journey.

Use Collage to reflect on the breadth of learning taking place and to aid planning by being more aware of gaps in some subjects.

You can compile reports to share with Family or the Local Authority, should you wish to do so!

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An introduction to your home education journal

The benefits of collage

confidence. assurance. support

You may be doing it already – snapping a picture or taking a quick video – as your child enjoys learning. With Collage, you can capture and categorise, by subject, those moments as you go. Putting everything in one place, as they move through their learning journey.

  • Confidence on your journey that you are meeting requirements and your child is covering a broad curriculum
  • Assurance that your child is making progress
  • Supports every style of home schooling and the website supports you with resources
  • Created and curated by experienced homeschooling mum and ex-headteacher


capture. collect. reflect.

Capture each moment of your child’s home school journey in pictures, video or just a quick note. Collage and categorise those moments to create a journal of learning across the subjects. Reflect on how far they’ve come, celebrate and find balance, all at their own pace.

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Upload learning evidence

Collate, collect and build the learning journey

The Collage app allows you to capture every aspect of your child’s learning. Photos, videos, audio and text can be quickly and safely stored on the Collage platform. Without doing anything else, you have created a chronological record of evidence that is privately and securely stored for you to review at any time.

Collate, collect and build the learning journey

Create a journal of learning across subjects

Collage allows you to create a journal, including subject balance (and National Curriculum objectives if you choose) easily, avoiding any last minute panics. With changes to government legislation imminent, Collage provides a perfect platform to be able to show what you have been doing and where your child is.

As you go, or every now and then, you can look back over the uploads you have made for each child, make notes and categorise them by subjects.

Track against the national curriculum

Reflect and find balance

We know that home education is about working at your own pace. So, once you’ve categorised your child’s learning moments by subject, our app allows you to view at a glance the balance of subjects you have been working on, over your choice of time period. This can allow you to proactively introduce activities that might support any subject gaps, or reassure you that you are working exactly as planned, or maybe surprise you with the breadth of learning you have achieved!

Meet your objectives (if you want to)

We recognise that some home educating families are still keen to follow the National Curriculum. It might be that your child is planning on going back to school at some point and you want to know what they need to be working on. Collage supports this, by including National Curriculum objectives and allowing you to apply them to your child’s evidence.


Collage is a monthly subscription service. What we do for you:

  • We offer you a 30 day free to trial the app, no payment up front
  • We host and securely store your pictures, videos and notes that you can categorise by subject
  • We collate the subject information and turn it into easy to view charts and reports
  • The UK National Curriculum objectives for Key Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4 are included as part of our service, and it is kept up to date by our team, overseen by Sarah Cudmore, ex-headteacher
  • We listen to feedback and we constantly evolve the app to be at the forefront of technology

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30 days free £5.99Per child, Per month £3.99Per Sibling Per Month

What people say about Collage...

  • "Collage has made me see learning in a different light" Julie (mum of 4) Cornwall
  • "Using Collage has really helped me feel more organised and secure that we have covered lots of learning. I love having everything stored in one place and being able to easily look back at everything we have done." Michelle (mum of 4) Norfolk
  • "I can quickly take a photo, upload it and then I know I have safely stored any aspect of their learning." Kate (unschooling mum of three) London
  • "I almost cried when I listened to your podcast about home ed and children with additional needs. It was just so valuable to me. I listened to it four times." Shelley (mum of one) Bude
  • "Collage is a fantastic app, aesthetically pleasing, easy and straightforward to use, no manual needed. I love uploading photos, it helps me to celebrate what learning is going on throughout our week. My daughter also loves to see what we've upload and show grandparents what she’s up to. It’s a great way of documenting the learning adventure and capture all the learning that happens through play and everyday life." Essie (mum of two) Cornwall
  • "I feel like I can finally let go of all that paper stuff now. I love the idea of visually seeing where my children are within their learning and I can do it whilst being mobile." Gail (mum of two) Cornwall
  • "We really enjoyed listening to the podcasts, it really helped us feel like we are connected as a community of people trying to do the best for our kids." Rob (dad of three) Chester
  • "Collage has empowered me to believe in myself, what I am doing and why I am home educating my children. " Jo (mum of two children) Birmingham

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that doesn’t appear on our list, please get in touch – we’re always happy to help.

Getting Started

Once you have registered you will be sent an activation email, check your SPAM/junk mail. Follow the simple instructions in the activation email to activate your account. Once activated you will be able to login to your account.

Product Information

Child too young, can I still use the app?

You can add your child and track them as an unschooler which doesn’t use the national curriculum objectives, you can then capture any learning against the subjects. When they are school age or you are going to start formal learning you can edit learner to track against the national curriculum. Or you can also track them against the national curriculum from the start but you would need to manually add them at the youngest age phase which is year 1 or keystage 1. You can capture learning in here against subjects without ticking objectives.

Curriculum Information

What does miscellaneous mean?

It’s a folder for you to keep any bits of evidence that don’t seem to fit into a particular subject. Watch this video to find out more.

Technical/account Information

Is my data safe?

Yes, your data is safe. It is not shared with any third parties. We have two servers that back each other up. The developer is ISO 27001 accredited. We are ICO registered and we have installed two-factor authentication for payment security.

Add Collage to mobile home screen

Follow these instructions for an iPhone or

1, In google chrome find website 2, You should see a tool bar at the bottom of the page. In the middle of the toolbar click on the middle button (the square with the up arrow).

3, Scroll down that section, click on select Add to Home Screen and click add. 4, Now the Collage icon should appear on your home screen.

6, Just tap on Collage to be able to use as a regular app.
Follow these instructions for Andriod or
1, In google chrome find website 2, Click on the three dots in the top right corner. 3, Then select Add to Home Screen and click add. 4, Now the Collage icon should appear on your home screen. 6, Just tap on Collage to be able to use as a regular app.
Change my password

Click/tap the menu in the top-right of the screen, and click “My Account”. From here you can change your password. Make sure your password is strong (lower/upper letters and include numbers or characters) to protect your account.

Forgetten my password

At the login screen, click “Forgot password?”, enter your email address. A password reset email will then be sent to you. Follow the instructions on the email to change your password to a memorable one.

What if I forget my username?

Your username is your email address that you registered with. If you have forgotten this, then email support at and we will endeavour to find your username email address for you.

How can I change my profile?

Click/tap the menu in the top-right of the screen, and click “My Account”. From here you can change the family name of your account, profile picture, and other account features.

Can I let grandparents access Collage?

You can share your log in details or download reports to share them. This is on our development roadmap so keep checking back regularly for updates and new features.

How do I add another parent?

This is not currently available but is on our development roadmap for a future update so keep checking back regularly for updates and new features. However, you can both use the same login and add evidence. You can both be on different devices and access the account at the same time too.

How do I add an extra child?

Go to the “Dashboard”. From here you will see a button to “Add Learner”. Click/tap this to add an extra child.

Create a journal/report

A journal can be created by adding one or more learners, and capturing learning and evidence for them by adding and uploading photos, documents, and all sorts of assets. You can watch this video to show you how to print a report.

Can I print from the web app?

Printing from the web app is not yet supported. You can however download and view uploaded items and print using the in-built print features that browsers have.

I get connection errors.

Firstly check your device is connected to the internet. If so, and you still receive connection errors, press refresh in your browser to try and reload the app. Alternatively close all open applications on your device before trying to Collage again.

Will my data be shared publicly?

No they are stored on our private cloud server. If you decide to leave at any point they are removed instantly. See Policy for more info.

Leaving and want to download data

Yes you can. Once you have actually left your file is deleted so it is really important to do it before you leave, otherwise they will not be retrievable.

What happens if the company closes?

You would be given notice to download your data well before the company closes.

Where is the data/back ups stored?

The data is stored in the cloud on a server with a backup server in case one fails.

Who can access my data?

The only people that have access to your data is the company themselves and their technical team. This data can not be shared with anyone else without permission. We are registered with ICO and follow all of their protocols.

My Story

Choosing home education for your family can feel exciting and overwhelming. It may be an active decision, an urge to offer something different and creative for your children; or you may have found yourself without any other choice and feel let down by ‘the system’.

As I started on our home school journey, even as a headteacher I had only a little idea of what to expect, teaching my own children – it was a learning experience for me, as well as them! I created Collage to be a platform that will grow and evolve to capture the stories and experiences of home schooling families, so that anyone thinking about (or in the middle of) home schooling, can find resources, insight and honest accounts to support their journey.

Meet Sarah