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Useful Resources

Below you will find some useful resources for your home school journey. These range from stories and blogs to setting up home educational groups and considering the basic equipment you may need.

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

Blogs Self-Care If I ever had one bit of advice for homeschool parents it would be to establish your own self-care routine. Learning Physical Education In this article we explore ways of helping children to be physically active and show how these naturally meet the PE curriculum. Learning Reviewing Children’s Homeschool Learning  In a homeschool environment, we are obviously reviewing learning naturally most of the time but in terms of keeping a record this is useful for an overall learning portfolio, Stories Homeschool Entrepreneur Mum Homeschooling the children whilst being an entrepreneur, sounds hard but it can be done and it can work well. Blogs Homeschool Planning Do you need to plan and if you want to what does it look like? Blogs Writing Reports for Local Authority/Education Officers This article contains some helpful guidance about what you could include in a report. Learning Geography This article shares practical ways of exploring geography within everyday experiences which is especially helpful if you unschool or are more child-led. Learning Homeschool - Exploring Art Art is such a rich and important subject. It boosts creativity, which is a must-have in future skill-sets. Learning Supporting Your Child in Science Science is all around us so how do we relate to that? Here are some ways in which you can support your child to incorporate science into every day life. Learning Gaining GCSE & A Level Qualification Whilst Home Educating Deciding what to study, how and even if you want to can be difficult. This article shares some facts and tips on gaining qualification whilst being home educated. Blogs A Day in the Life of a Homeschooler Many people considering homeschooling wonder what a day in the life of a homeschooler looks like? The reality is it varies! Blogs Deciding to Homeschool Making the decision to homeschool is not easy. This article aims to help you by looking at the pros and cons. Questions Top Tips for New Homeschoolers Tips to help you as you venture on your homeschool journey. Resources Deschooling What is deschooling and why is it so useful? Learning Ancient Greece and Greek Myths Some ideas for planning Ancient Greece or Greek Myths Learning Business studies biscuits project Kids love biscuits and this turned out to be a great topic as it ended up as a mini project involving heaps of business skills. Resources New Music Guidance 2021 The government has created some guidance to help support teaching music. Learning Writing development This article identifies what skills are needed for children to write and how to support your child as they learn to write. Learning Homeschool Maths This article identifies ways of connecting maths to all aspects of life and more importantly, looks at how to make maths fun! Learning The Great Fire of London Following your child’s interests can unlock a range of learning opportunities, this article uses fire as an example. Learning Learning to read This article contains lots of practical tips to help you support your child as they learn to read. Blogs Homeschool on a budget Useful tips for saving money if you are thinking of homeschooling. Blogs Homeschool Styles It can feel quite daunting when you finally decide to homeschool. In this article you will find some questions to help you consider the kinds of approach you might like to take. Blogs Reflecting on homeschooling Sometimes you get so far with homeschooling and you hit a barrier, something doesn't feel right or seems to not work. This article is designed to help you get past that point. Blogs UK Government Inquiry On 30th September 2020 the UK government launched an inquiry into home schooling. See my response and make sure you have yours. Learning Reflecting on learning Why do I need to reflect on my child's learning? Learning Collecting learning evidence How do you collate all of your child's learning? Learning Capturing Learning What learning should I be capturing? Set up a homeschool group Ideas and information about starting a homeschool group. Resources Basic resources A list of basic resources Links Useful links Some useful links Questions FAQs Some frequently asked questions Questions Can anyone home school? Will my child learn even though I am not a teacher? Stories Why are teachers leaving? There is a rise in teachers leaving the system and in people home schooling, why? Questions Returning to school guide Whatever your reasons here are some things to consider. Questions Covid 19 Home Schooling Top tips for home schooling