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Choosing to home educate is a big decision. Our podcasts are here to help you consider your options, whether you are thinking about taking the plunge or well into your home school journey. You can also listen to them on Spotify, Apple and other platforms, just search Homegrownlearning’s Podcasts.

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Below you will find links to download our homegrown learning podcasts. Sarah chats to other home educating families and draws from her own experience as a home schooler and headteacher. If there’s a topic you’d like us to cover or have feedback, please contact us.

Sleep Body Scan Meditation A calming 12 minute body scan to relax the mind and body before sleep. I created it for my young people but I also use it for my own relaxation so it can be used by anyone.

John Kensy Music

Reviewing Children's Homeschool Learning By involving your child in the process of reviewing their learning you are putting them at the centre of learning. They then become autonomous in their thoughts and feelings as you are enabling them to become self-directed learners which is one of the end goals of home education. This podcast looks at ways in which you can reflect on learning at any point in your child's learning. Collage app Trello


collage app

Taking GCSEs whilst home educating In this podcast Sarah chats with Amelie and her mum Kathryn about their experience of gaining qualifications whilst homeschooling. Amelie shared how she found studying at home and Kathryn talks about how they organised the exams.

Le Loft French Tutor (Cornwall)

Collage Blog Guidance on Gaining Qualification

BBC GCSE/A Level Education BItesize

The Exam House

Oxford Homeschooling
Self-directed Learning- Changing Our Minds In this episode Sarah interviews Dr Naomi Fisher, author of the incredible book Changing Our Minds. They talk about putting children back in control of their learning and enabling all to flourish in their own time.

Book - Changing Our Minds by Naomi Fisher

Collage app

Naomi Fisher Website

Unschooling Part 3 In this video I chat to Essie, this is our third podcast over 5 years, it goes deep into the journey that Essie's family have been on following the unschooling route. Essie shares her heart and soul and talks about feeling free to now live life through joy.

Lucy Aitken Disco and Circle Course & Community

Lucy Aitken Youtube

Lucy Aitken website

Akilah S Richards website


Homeschool Journey Through GCSEs This is my second interview with the lovely Faith, the last was when she was 14 and she decided to give school a go. In this interview she shares her journey through GCSEs and her experience of College.


Homeschooler Becomes an Author I'm sure I am not alone in the occasional homeschool self-doubt that I am doing the right thing? This podcast removed any ounce of worry I had and reminded me to enjoy every minute. I interview Matthew Telles and his mum Liz. He was homeschooled all his life and as a young adult found his passion in writing to become a self-taught author at 19.

Matthew's book
Self care when you are homeschooling Are you feeling exhausted or like you have lost your way ? It could be that you need to instil some self care. In this episode I explore: What we mean by self care? Why are so many people unable to put themselves first? What we can do to address self care? What overall difference will it have?

Glennon Doyle Book Untamed


Meditation Deepak Chopra

Meditation Michael Sealey

Meditation Pura Rasa

Yoga with Adriene
New to Homeschooling Have you just started homeschooling and not quite sure what to do? This podcast looks at deschooling, methods of homeschooling, resources and other things to consider.

Education Otherwise

Deschooling Podcast

Documenting Learning

Books John Holt

Ted Talks Sir Ken Robinson

Unschooling in Norway Marie shares her unschooling journey in Norway, emphasising the importance of self-love and nurture.

Instead of Education - John Holt

Homegrown - Ben Hewitt

Hold on to Your Kids - Gordon Neufeld and Gabor Maté

The Continuum Concept by Jean Lidloff

Calm Parents, Happy Kids
Create Change in Education A real time of change -the education system is no longer fit to support the future of our children. In this podcast, Kathryn Pratt, Dr Caroline Palmer and I explore why and what can be done about it. Join the education revolution.

Challenging the damaging covid gap narrative

An Education fit for Purpose

Envisaging a new era of Education

Inadequate - The System Failing our Teachers and your Children by Priya Lakhani

Rethinking Education Community
Supporting your child through reading, writing and maths I look at practical strategies for helping your child develop reading, writing and maths skills, whether you are unschooling or following a curriculum.

UK English National Curriculum

National Literacy Trust

BBC Alphablocks

Oxford owl

Reading Eggs

Nessy - Children with dyslexia

100 most frequent words

UK Maths National Curriculum

GCSE information

Development Matters 0-5 child development

Brave writer

Foundation years handwriting

Letter - join

Sensory Play and Writing
Why Record Your Child's Learning? Sarah explores some of the benefits of recording learning moments for you and your child and how best to capture them.

Home Education UK (HEUK)document

Home Education UK (HEUK) Website

Education Otherwise Website

Home Education Advisory Service

Parliament Education Committee Website

Collage App Website
From Unschooling to Radically Unschooling In this podcast I interview Essie, who three years ago started radically unschooling. Essie talks about why they decided to radically unschool. She also shares the highs and lows and gives some great advice.

Pamela Laricchia


Sandra Dodd
UK Government Inquiry Into Homeschooling On 30th September 2020 the UK government launched an inquiry into home education in the UK. In this podcast I share my response to the government in the hope that it will spur many more to respond.


The Case for Home Schooling Anna, an ex secondary teacher, freelance writer and homeschool mum of 3 talks about her new book and life as a homeschool mum.

Collage App

The Case for Home Schooling Book

twitter Not the School Run

The Homeschool Guru Website
Making the decision to homeschool Shelley shares her story with Sarah about her recent decision to homeschool her son.
Schooling From Home As an Ex Headteacher, home schooling mum of two and founder of the Collage App for home schoolers, Sarah shares her top tips for those who now face schooling at home.

Homegrown_Learning (Instagram)

Homegrown Learning (Facebook)

Homegrown Learning website

Collage App
Supporting your child’s journey from home school to school, or the vice versa Children return to school for a great many reasons. In this podcast I interview Henry and Walter from Oppidan Education explore some of the things that you may want to consider should you be in that situation. It also works in reverse where you may find yourself home schooling.

Oppidan Education
What is home schooling like for young people? Lots of people have asked me what home schooling is like for young people. They expressed their fears around whether they can help their child learn, be happy and grow in confidence. As soon as I met Faith and heard her story about going to school for the first time I knew that I had to share it.
Creativity This podcast explores the importance of creativity amongst our young people. I interview Kathryn and Katie from Soweni who undertook a pilot study with a group of home schooled children, they share their views on creativity and explore things we can do at home to help our children thrive.

2004 TED talk Schools Kill Creativity

Lion lady/man

The tongue of the woodpecker

Sensory Processing This podcast looks at the real issues for schools supporting children with sensory processing preferences or disorder and why home schooling can help these children.

The Out of Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz - The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene PhD - Raising a Sensory Smart Child by Lindsey Biel, M.A, OTR/L and Nancy Peske
Socialising One of the biggest worries amongst home schoolers and probably the thing that I was most scared of. This podcast looks at the social skills gained through home schooling.

Why are so many families and professionals leaving the education system? A look into what has happened to the system recently and why it is forcing families, teachers and leaders to leave the system. Helpful to home educators facing opposition from friends or family!

Unschooling What is unschooling, where does it come from, what does it look like and why does it work for so many people?

Home educating children with additional needs Many families are opting to home educate children with additional needs as the system fails to meet the needs of the child. One mum shares her story about why it works for her.

Can anyone home educate? With 20 years in education people think I am well placed to teach my children, but the reality is that anyone can do it!

Deschooling What does it mean, why is it useful at the beginning of your home educating journey and how do you do it?

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